Master General Practitioner

Our highest qualification in primary care veterinary practice

The new ISVPS Master General Practitioner (MGP) award is the highest clinical qualification in primary care veterinary practice, awarded to veterinary surgeons who successfully pass our exams and assessments throughout My Veterinary Career with our accredited training provider, Improve Veterinary Education.

Who is the Master General Practitioner Certificate for?
It is for qualified veterinary surgeons looking to achieve the highest qualification in general practice and wanting to deepen their knowledge and expertise through a structured learning pathway.
What is My Veterinary Career?
My Veterinary Career (in partnership with Improve International) enables you to work towards ISVPS qualifications whilst progressing through your chosen structured career pathway. By obtaining points with each qualification and undertaking additional modules in your discipline of interest, candidates can reach the required number of points to achieve the new ISVPS Master General Practitioner qualification - this will be the highest level of clinical qualifications in primary care veterinary practice.

Visit the Improve International website for more information on My Veterinary Career.

How will you benefit?
Gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge in your area of interest 

  • Increasing the ability to:
    • critically evaluate evidence and make clinical decisions on the strength of the best evidence available
    • utilise more advanced techniques and recognise which cases would benefit from referral
    • use self-reflection to inform and improve clinical practice.
  • Building your confidence and knowledge to share with others in practice.


  • Increasing peer and employer recognition of skills and expertise
  • Achieving continuing professional development (CPD) requirements
How will your practice benefit?
  • Potential increase in practice earnings, for example, through more comprehensive investigation and treatment
  • Individuals will be more confident in clinical decisions and sharing knowledge
  • Retaining talent and expertise through supporting career development
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention through skilled, confident vets
  • Ability to illustrate high standards of patient care by having staff with ISVPS globally recognised qualifications
How will your patients and their owners’ benefit?
  • The ISVPS purpose is focused on delivering compassionate animal care. The Master General Practitioner award is a globally recognised qualification that supports:
    • Improved patient care from committed veterinary professionals
    • Increased satisfaction as a result of best practice approaches, informed by the highest ethical standards
How to achieve the Master General Practitioner qualification?
The ISVPS Master General Practitioner qualification can be obtained by following ‘My Veterinary Career’ a new structured career path from ISVPS and global training provider, Improve International.

Veterinarians obtain points with each ISVPS qualification they achieve, as well as gaining points through undertaking additional training modules in your discipline of interest. Once you have achieved 180 ISVPS points, you will be awarded a Master General Practitioner qualification!

For more information visit the Improve International website.

Get started now

To get started, enrol on the relevant course with our accredited training provider, Improve Veterinary Education. Once enrolled on a course, you can register with us for your assessments.

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Master General Practitioner Routes

Available routes include:

  • Small Animal Medicine
  • Small Animal Surgery
  • Diagnostic Imaging

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