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International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies

ISVPS is an organisation dedicated to providing the entire veterinary team with high quality, achievable qualifications that are recognised worldwide

Stepping stones to higher education

Through the modular training programmes candidates are given structured taught sessions from experienced professionals, which the final examination is based on. Candidates are required to complete further study and course work in their own time and guidance and assistance is available throughout the taught course.

On successful completion of the Certificate the candidate will not only have gained valuable additional skills, but also the confidence and competence to use these skills and knowledge to enhance the value of their practice.

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Gain valuable skills and confidence to enhance your performance in practice


Over 15 years experience in the provision of veterinary postgraduate assessments, awards and veterinary course accreditation


Over 5000 vets and vet nurses awarded a veterinary postgraduate qualification internationally


A combination of didactic and practical tuition and reflective learning without taking excessive time away from your busy clinical practice

The highest academic standard

The standard of the ISVPS Certificates is consistent across all countries and therefore anyone gaining an ISVPS Certificate, regardless of what country they have taken the exam, will have recognition of achieving a set standard which is recognised across many European countries.

ISVPS is delighted to announce that many of our qualifications have been validated by Harper Adams University at a Postgraduate Certificate Level 7 (Masters) within the Quality Assurance Agency framework.

The Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) carries 60 academic credits (or 30 ECTS credits), and a route to either a Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) or Masters (MSc) is available through the three-way collaboration between ISVPS, HAU and Improve International.

The rigorous validation process undertaken by Harper Adams University, together with their on-going involvement in the Improve International programmes, ensures that both the teaching elements and the examination processes meet the highest academic standards.

Mission statement

“To be the leading provider of accreditation for high quality, practically relevant veterinary CPD and provision of highly respected, clinically relevant veterinary qualifications globally.”

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