Nurse/Technicians/Paraprofessionals Certificate in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


The Improve International NCert/VTCert/VPPCert (Physio) modular training programme has been accredited by ISVPS as being a suitable education programme based on the course content and the calibre of the tutors delivering the taught course.


Candidates are required to study all areas of the course syllabus, which comprises both taught and non-taught areas. Full details of the course syllabus is included in your ISVPS enrollment booklet, which will be made available to you on registration to the course.



To achieve the NCert/VTCert/VPPCert (Physio), candidates are required to:


  • Submit 1 x 2,500-word case report
  • Sit an online multiple choice question (MCQ) examination (1 hour)
  • Sit an online applied knowledge examination (1 hour)


Candidates will also be required to complete the following additional study:


  • Further reading on the taught subjects
  • Additional study of the non-taught areas of the course syllabus.


On successful attainment of the NCert/VTCert/VPPCert (Physio), candidates are awarded a personalised certificate, and their name is included in the ISVPS register of Nurses’ Certificate holders.


Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?

Following course completion, candidates have up to four years (3 x examination attempts and 1 x free deferral) to satisfy ISVPS assessment requirements to obtain the NCert/VTCert/VPPCert


What if I am not successful in passing one of the components of the examination?

Candidates are required to pass all components of the examination to gain the NCert/VTCert/VPPCert (Physio) qualification. Candidates who fail their clinical audit report will be given clear indications where they were unsuccessful and guidelines on how to complete another clinical audit to the required standard. An administration fee is payable to re-sit the final examination or resubmit the clinical audit report.


How do I get started?

Candidate enrolled on accredited modular training programmes are sent information on how to register for an ISVPS examination.

Examination and Submission Dates


2023 Examination Candidates

Examination and Submission Dates


  • Online Multiple choice question exam – 25th November 2022
  • Online applied theory examination – 25th November 2022
  • Clinical audit report – 23rd September 2022
  • Certificate results – January 2023

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