ISVPS Accreditation

ISVPS is a not-for-profit organisation that provides accreditation and approval for veterinary Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes in Europe. The aim of the accreditation is to develop postgraduate veterinary education that is:

  • Transparent
  • Provides a positive learning environment
  • Continually evaluated and monitored
Transparency refers to the clear and precise definition of the course content, aims and methods of delivery. A positive learning environment promotes active learning and contributes to the learning and development for the participant both during and after the CPD event. Evaluation and monitoring of CPD includes assessment of the delegate during or after the CPD event, and feedback from the delegate on the CPD activity. It enables the assessment and continuous development of the CPD programme.

CPD programmes that have been formally accredited by ISVPS may be designated as such on their promotional and other written materials, using the appropriate logos and styles provided by ISVPS.

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