As of today, we are releasing a new logo which will appear on all ISVPS communications worldwide. As an ISVPS candidate we wanted to raise your awareness as to why we have developed our brand and what the impact will be.

Since its establishment in 2003 ISVPS has evolved with the veterinary industry. Now through our partnerships worldwide there are over 3,000 ISVPS certificate holders as well as growing examination and accreditation boards. As a result, we believe our brand should portray the current ISVPS.

The aim of the project was to completely modernise the existing ISVPS logo whilst still maintaining a sense of quality and authority. After working through numerous concepts with partners – the idea of the tick presented itself as the simplest approach to convey both the nature of the business and give a strong visual motif that would anchor future design and marketing endeavours.

Firstly, the stars were removed, highlighting the growth from a European to a Global organisation. The book emblem was taken off as it no longer represents the variety of study methods and the assessment options now available to our candidates. We’ve replaced previous symbols with the new ‘tick’ representing the positive attitude and feedback regarding our assessment methods and our no negative marking policy.

The next step will be a cleaner, more contemporary mobile friendly website, which will enable candidates to gain access whilst on the move to all relevant information. This will include exam dates, course work requirements, learning resources and also updating contact details and ordering certificates.

To help celebrate the arrival of our new logo, we’re offering a 15% discount on any veterinary titles from 5m Publishing, our parent company to all those liking us on Facebook, so why not check us out there and please tell us what you think of our new look!

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