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We are dedicated to providing the entire veterinary team with high quality, achievable qualifications throughout your career, that are recognised worldwide

Join over 6,700 vets and vet nurses from around the world who have achieved an ISVPS veterinary postgraduate qualification.

My Veterinary Career

Choose your path: achieve your destination

My Veterinary Career is a new points-based personalised pathway to help structure your training and qualifications.  You can gain points throughout your career by attaining ISVPS qualifications after the completion of training from our partner, Improve Veterinary Education.

Your destiny? Achieve the ultimate qualification: an ISVPS Master General Practitioner or an ISVPS Lead Veterinary Nurse Practitioner!

Enjoy the path, not just the reward – you can advance your skills and take knowledge straight back to practice all while working towards a globally recognised qualification.

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Gain valuable skills and confidence to enhance your performance in practice


ISVPS has over 15 years’ experience in the provision of veterinary postgraduate assessments, qualifications and veterinary course accreditation


Choose to learn in a way that suits you whilst balancing a busy practice life - either face-to-face, online or a combination of the two


When you have finished your training programme, our exams are available to take remotely – no travelling required!

The highest academic standard

The standard of the ISVPS Certificates are consistent across all countries and therefore anyone gaining an ISVPS Certificate, regardless of what country they have taken the exam, will have recognition of achieving a set standard which is recognised across many European countries.

ISVPS is delighted to announce that many of our qualifications have been validated by Harper Adams University (HAU) at a Postgraduate Certificate Level 7 (Masters) within the Quality Assurance Agency framework.  These certificates carry 60 academic credits (ECTS) and there is a full route to a Master’s Degree (180 ECTS) available through the three-way collaboration between ISVPS, HAU and Improve International. The rigorous validation process undertaken by HAU, together with their on-going involvement in the Improve International programmes ensures that both the teaching elements and the examination processes meet the highest academic standards.

Anyone gaining a PgC through HAU/ISVPS is eligible to apply for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ‘Advanced Practitioner Status’. 

Get started now

To get started on your ISVPS qualification, simply enrol on the relevant course with our accredited training provider, Improve Veterinary Education.

Mission statement

To encourage ongoing professional growth through innovative and accessible, digitally-led veterinary qualifications.

Get started now

To get started on your ISVPS qualification, simply enrol on the relevant course with our accredited training provider, Improve Veterinary Education.

What our delegates say about ISVPS

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